Legislative Agenda Weekly Updates

Weekly Update on the progress made with the Commission’s Legislative Agenda concerning funding for communication access training in the workplace; the establishment of a centralized accommodations fund for state agencies; requiring closed captioning to be activated on TVs in public places; providing additional funding for DHS’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Division for mental health services and for support service providers for DeafBlind children and adults; funding for the Minnesota State Academies (for the deaf and for the Blind) for technology; preschool at Metro Deaf School; requiring state-funded construction to include loops and good acoustics; and text-to-911 capability. Read more about our 2015 Legislative Session Wrap Up updates

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Recent Announcements

2015 Collaborative Experience Keynote Videos and Attendance Stats

Posted 2015-05-14

The 2015 Collaborative Experience was a big success! If you couldn't make it, check out the keynote presentation videos. Read "2015 Collaborative Experience Keynote Videos and Attendance Stats"

Text to 9-1-1 Project Summary

Posted 2015-03-16

Read this news article to find out about the exciting Emergency Communication Networks (ECN) Division of Department of Public Safety Text to 9-1-1 Project! Read "Text to 9-1-1 Project Summary"

Amazing Turnout for Meet with Your Legislator Day 2015!

Posted 2015-03-10

We had an amazing turnout for Meet with Your Legislator Day 2015! It was very moving to see over 125 Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotan community members, parents, professionals, and supporters filling meeting with their Legislators on March 4th. A huge thank-you goes out to everyone who participated on Meet with Your Legislator Day. This day would not have been possible without YOU! Read "Amazing Turnout for Meet with Your Legislator Day 2015!"

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