MCDHH Newsletter

Download our newsletter to get quarterly reports on the activities of MCDHH Commission Members, the Commission as a whole and any other Community related current events.

There are two versions that can be downloaded, a full graphic .PDF version and a Text Only version. If you have any trouble downloading, please contact us by email at

MCDHH 25th Anniversary Commemorative Annual Report [625.16KB]
Text version of MCDHH's 25th Anniversary Commemorative Annual Report [34.49KB]
Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter [239.57KB]
Fall/Winter 2009 Newsletter - Text Only [109.50KB]
Summer 09 Newsletter [786.60KB]
Summer 09 Newsletter - Text Only [95.50KB]
Winter 09 Newsletter [177.12KB]
Winter 09 Newsletter - Text Only [78.00KB]
Fall 08 Newsletter [317.06KB]
Fall 08 Newsletter - Text Only [56.50KB]
April 08 Newsletter [261.66KB]
April 08 Newsletter - Text Only [52.50KB]
Sept 07 Newsletter [1.46MB]
Sept 07 Newsletter - Text Only [83.00KB]