Stenabolic SR 9009 Review: Effects, risks, and legal alternative

SR9009, known with the name of Stenabolic as well, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) which is quite famous by the name of ‘exercise in a bottle’.

It was first developed by Professor Thomas Burris who was from The Scripps Research Institute. It was initially found that Stenabolic could increase endurance levels in animal models.

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What are Stenabolic, SR9009 used for?

SR9009 is a kind of compound that is basically used for research purposes because it was found earlier that it could enhance your performance abilities to an exhilarating level.

Most people also use it for boosting stamina, endurance level and also fat loss.

Stenabolic also helps to lean the muscle mass along with the process of decreasing the excess calories from your body.

Even if you combine this with other SARM's it will still be very effective. It also gives you rid of the fats stored in your body which makes you look really ugly.

Help bring your body in shape and prevents you from falling prey to fatal diseases even.

Since it will enable your body to endure and maximize your metabolism so losing fat would be much easier for you.

This will also result in you increasing the intensity of your workouts which will help to burn your calories much faster and totally naturally.

All in all this drug is super beneficial which has the full ability to give your body what you have always longed for.

So we can recommend you this drug as this can be used for multiple things, and what it includes has already been discussed.

What are the effects of a Stenabolic, SR 9009 cycle?

A typical cycle of Stenabolic is an 8-week cycle during which your body goes through the wonderful transition process and lets you recover from hard blows that you have received over time due to your tough job routine which hardly gives you enough time of keeping you in shape and all healthy. 

How does it affect your body?

It affects your body in several ways, first, it helps to keep you maintain your natural health which is also the source of bringing you extra energy in you.

Most men who have done a tremendous amount of effort in body building and training and still not getting the muscles they want, they are most welcome to try out SR 9009 to build their muscles ever quickly.

So getting muscles of your dreams, you are viable to carry out that you most probably weren’t able to do before.


Well it has numerous benefits and to put some of them in place then it enhances endurance and stamina, drastically increases your fat loss and also potentially preserves your muscle mass while increasing them at the same time.

It increases energy levels and stamina through various mechanisms like it increases blood circulation.

When the blood flows in excess then it means providing more oxygen to every part of your body and also transporting nutrients to every cell.

Then the cells absorb nutrients and generate energy easily.

There is also no need to go for injections as all the ingredients are consumed through tablets, as going for the injections can be unsafe for most people.

After you get this energy then you will get tired slower which will ultimately let you do more reps in the gym which can make a significant difference and will make you look better than others.

SR 9009 affects the metabolism of glucose of the liver, this lets more glucose being absorbed in the muscles rather than letting them deposit as fats.

This also makes your body more responsive just like your body was in a constant exercising mode, increasing the basal metabolic rate.

So this pretty much means if you don't engage yourself in exercise, you will still be able to maintain your high metabolism as long as you are using SR 9009. 

The best thing about this is that even if you are obese or overweight then still it can help you maintain your ideal body weight which is indeed a fantastic thing for you to know.

Side Effects

So far this drug hasn’t found to have any major side effects, one this is for sure that it does not carry any androgenic and estrogenic which makes it safe for both men and women. If the SR 9009 you have purchased is all real.

Though this product is still waiting to be approved by the FDA, SR9009 is very safe and we can give you full assurance of this if you do not exceed the recommended dosage.

You will also be relieved to know that it does not do any major damage to your liver, but some users say that you have to use some liver supplements while you are on the dosage of Stenabolic.

If you experience any unusual things that you normally don't feel when you are on dosage then you should go see your healthcare specialist.

That’s because we can’t say for sure at the moment that this drug is totally free from side effects, there might very minor ones present which are just not observable yet.

We can suggest you a way on how to start all safe and sound on the drugs.

If you need to find out how your body reacts to SR9009 then we recommend you taking small doses of about 5 to 10 mg per day and then slowly increasing to 20mg to 30 mg.

This will give a very clear idea of how to use the drug wisely.

Testosterone is a kind of hormone that is present in both men and women, but more prone to males as it is mainly produced in the testicles and plays a key role in male sexual development.

This also makes it a lot easier to gain strength and muscle mass while keeping the body all fit for all kinds of tasks to perform.

It also gives rise to sexual desire and brings fertility in your red blood cells.

So Testo-Max is actually proven and all legal and can be your best legal alternative to Stenabolic,9009 as it is all safe to use under the law, making it all reliable to use.

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