How To Use Steroids Safely as a Beginner ?

Steroids are anabolic steroids that are used to increase muscle mass and strength. They are also used to treat certain medical conditions such as cancer. Steroids are powerful drugs that can cause serious side effects if taken incorrectly.

If you want to start taking steroids, then you should first consult your doctor before starting. He/she will advise you on the dosage and frequency of use.

You should never take steroids without consulting your doctor first. If you are unsure whether or not you should take steroids, then you should talk to your doctor.

Prerequisites For Taking Steroids For Beginners

It is important to get a blood test done before using any steroid product. You must have a clean bill of health from your physician to use them. The tests include Blood pressure; cholesterol levels; thyroid function; liver enzymes; kidney functions; urine analysis, etc. These checks ensure that there is no underlying condition that may be aggravated by the usage of these products.


It is better to start with a low dose initially Your body needs time to adjust to these substances so it’s best to give yourself a few weeks to get accustomed to them.  The recommended initial dose varies from person to person but generally speaking most people would be advised to begin at around 20mg of Testosterone per day.

This amount could vary depending on how long you have been using steroids and which steroids you are using. It may even go up to 50 mg in some cases. There is no set rule regarding this matter; however, experts recommend that once you reach 25-30 mg daily, you should stop increasing the dose.

Side Effects

There are many potential negative consequences associated with taking steroids. These include liver damage, kidney failure, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, acne, hair loss, man boobs, voice changes, etc. All of these side effects depend on the type of steroids being used. Most commonly, users experience water retention when they start taking steroids.

Some steroids can affect fertility. Therefore, you must always make sure that you do not become pregnant during steroid treatment.

Pregnant mothers should avoid taking any form of steroid medication. Also, anyone planning to conceive should wait until after completing the course of therapy.

Other common problems experienced by steroid abusers include osteoporosis, prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, and gynecomastia.

Precautionary Measures

There are several precautionary measures that you should follow when using steroids. First of all, you should only buy steroids from reputable suppliers. Never purchase steroids online unless you know exactly where the product comes from. Secondly, ensure that you store steroids properly. Keep them away from children and pets. Store steroids out of sight and sound. 

Do not mix steroids with other medications as it will increase your chances of experiencing adverse reactions. If you notice signs of an allergic reaction such as rash, hives, difficulty breathing, wheezing, itching, dizziness, chest pain, swollen tongue, lips, throat, or eyes, contact your doctor immediately. Always inform him/her about your medical history before starting on any new drugs.

Always have someone experimented with that you can talk with in case something goes wrong You never know what might happen. The following precautions need to be observed while taking steroids.

1) Avoid alcohol intake

2) Do not consume caffeine

3) Take adequate rest

4) Eat well

5) Consult with your doctor at least once every six


In conclusion, steroids are extremely useful tools that allow us to achieve our fitness goals. But like anything else, steroids come with risks. If you use steroids correctly, your chances of experiencing serious health issues will be minimal. So before starting, think about whether you need to use steroids. Talk to your doctor first. Only then decide if you should continue with the program.