Ostarine mk2866 review: Effects, risks, and legal alternative

Ostarine also known as mk2866 is a kind of investigational drug which is not approved by the FDA yet. 

They can well be regarded as SARM’s because many of the companies have titled Ostarine as one of the bodybuilding products but the problem is any supplement containing Ostarine is seen as illegal by the FDA.

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What is Ostarine, mk 2866 also known as enobosarm used for?

Lean muscle mass can be easily be gained and maintained by Ostarine, which is an imperative determinant for enhancing performances on the field.

So, wondering if all the phenomenal benefits come with a price?

Well, unlike steroids or any other similar drugs, Ostarine has no deleterious effect on health and this is the ultimate reason for its approval among bodybuilders to acquire an edge over others. 

There are many reasons behind the use of ostarine and one of them being it gives lean muscle pretty easily then other steroids around, that is why it is usually on top of every athlete’s priority list.

Other steroids give you similar benefits, but using steroids can be expensive for you at times.

Even if you are not an athlete or a bodybuilder, just a regular person who wants to have some lean muscles then this Ostarine is an ideal choice for you.

It can also help obese people lose their weight to an optimum level.

Many experts have found that Ostarine reduces cholesterol and triglyceride in the body.

Moreover, it has the ability to fighting off the diseases that threats your heart directly.

It is more likely to be used for healing wounds also that athletes and bodybuilders normally get from their practice routine.

Ostarine is usually stacked with Ibutamoren and Cardarine. If you plan to stack these, make sure to check our page Does SARMs require PCT.

What are the effects of an Ostarine cycle?

Ostarine shows effects but in positive ways, the very first one is that it helps in building the muscles.

When it was tested on older men and women for 12 weeks they were found to have gained muscles and lost several pounds of weight. So it is safe for you.

How does it affect your body?

Ostarine doesn't have any estrogenic nature. No study or analyzation has ever found any harmful effects that it could have on your body including blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and liver toxicity.

The amazing effects that you will notice are the increased endurance levels and increased workout hours in the gym.

All your exercises will become fairly easy and you ultimately you will be able to do more sets than usual.

Ostarine is undoubtedly an excellent compound for gaining and preserving lean muscles. So you are free to choose the best one for you. 


On a broader view, Ostarine actually matches the actions of testosterone on the muscles and joints. 

Testosterone is found in both men and women but it has a major role to play in males as it is generated in the testicles.

Sarm’s like ostarine activate the androgen receptors in the body.

This property saves you from the effects that other steroids can cause you, making this drug the most desirable one among the others.

As Osteoporosis is a concern of senility, for example in post-menopausal women, there is a decrease in the density of bones and then leads to the fracture. 

Ostarine increases the density of bones and promotes their growth. This also allows the rapid healing of fractures that you suffer internally.

So when you are treating injuries, the recommended dosage to take daily is like 12.5 mg a day. Some researchers are looking for a way of combining it with ibutamoren.

Apart from the wonders that it can do to athletics, Ostarine is also used to prevent muscle wasting and can be extremely useful for cancer patients especially and is ideal to fight off the disease. 

Ostarine does not convert testosterone to estrogen because there is no increase in estrogen levels.

MK-2866 works best when you take the correct recommended daily dosage, as it really helps you in gaining muscle mass while losing all the extra fat.

So it depends on you most of the time that in what way you want to use it to get maximum benefits.

Side Effects

Although there are no visible side effects of Mk-2866 but if you take it in high dosages for like 8 to 12 weeks then it could lead to your lowered testosterone levels.

But this effect is temporary and your testosterone level normally gets back to usual after 3 weeks of the end of the cycle.

As said earlier, the side effects of Ostarine are quite ignorable, but there might still be some minor effects that you will have to go through.

Such as headache, Nausea and vomiting, pain in the muscles, sweating in excess. And most of these side effects are mostly short-term.

If women take around 20 mg of dosage per day then it will be relatively high for them and it can bring much power in the body which may take away their feminine features.

If women take around 10 mg per day then they will be okay and will face absolutely no side effects.

So far you can buy this incredible drug without any fear that it could cause you some kind of anomaly.

The only side effects that it has shown in various people have already been discussed above, so ultimately this becomes very safe for you with fewer fears to handle.

Since it is a drug so it is not entirely free of causing you harm, you could face things like a disturbance in sleep and in the menstrual cycle (for women). 

It can also interact minimally with antibiotics, antifungals, and Celebrex. Otherwise, it is very safe to use.

The best legal alternative to Ostarine is said to be Testo-Max as it has the ability to do a similar job and is all legal.

Pump up your testosterone levels naturally

This means it can be found easily in the markets as compared to Ostarine and similar drugs that are effective but still not approved yet. 

Moreover, it is devoid of causing you any harm as it is made up of 100% natural ingredients that are beneficial for your sound health.

It has not even minor chances of harming you like Ostarine can cause you short term headache, nausea, and muscle pain. 

And obviously, it does not require any post cycle therapy ( PCT) because it is all-natural for you.

However, there is always a recommended dosage as anything taken in excess is never going to give you fruitful results.

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