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Using Voicewriting Technology

Woman using a stenomask

Stenomask image courtesy of Columbia News Service & Levia Fishman/CNS

Voicewriting technology is relatively new compared to stenotyping. Most voicewriting software is designed to enable an individual to “train” the software to work with his or her voice. The voicewriter repeats what's being said using a flat monotone.

While reporters typically must train for a minimum of five years to gain certification, voicewriters can learn their craft in much less time. Voicewriting output to date contains, on average, more errors than the average reporter's output, although the technology continues to improve. As a result, voicewriting services tend to be less expensive than reporters' services.

Some organizations, such as houses of worship, theaters, and educational institutions, find it worthwhile to purchase their own voicewriting equipment and train staff on its use. In the case of live streaming video or webinars, you would also have to ensure that your infrastructure supports encoding the data stream from the voicewriting software into the video's display environment.

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