Are the captions garbled, missing or too fast? Are you experiencing other captioning difficulties? Please:

  • consult any consumer information and manuals/guides on closed captions for DTV programming provided by your subscription television provider, if applicable
  • ensure that the captioning function on your set-top box, if applicable, is turned on
  • ensure that the captioning function on your DTV is turned on

If you still experience problems, please contact your subscription television provider for immediate help. If you do not pay for TV service, contact the TV station for immediate captioning help.

If your provider or TV station is unable to help, file a complaint with the FCC up to 60 days after the caption difficulty (ex: garbled or missing captions) electronically or by calling 1-888-225-5322. To learn more, please read the FCC’s Closed Captioning for Digital TV guide.