News Update from MNCDHH for January 8, 2013

Published 01-08-2013

In this Issue:

1/8/13 MNCDHH New Staff – Brein Mcnamara-Communications Coordinator and Intern Aaron Cucci

Brein Mcnamara  starts Wednesday January 9th as the Commission’s temporary Communications Coordinator.  He will oversee all communications and outreach, Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Lobby Day and assist with special projects.  Brein has a degree in Communications Studies with a New Media Minor from the University of Minnesota.  He is the founder and Director of Signcasts, a nonprofit dedicated to citizen journalism, was Technology Coordinator at Metro Deaf School, and is the administrator at .  He is the recipient of the Knight New Challenge grant for “digital information innovations that transform community life.” We are excited to have him on board.
Aaron Cucci will serve as an intern this winter as he pursues his Masters of Public Affairs degree from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.  Aaron was the Technology and Media Specialist at PEPNet, a national program that helps to provide access for students who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing in post-secondary settings. He has also worked as an Adult Basic Education Teacher at CSD of Minnesota.  He will help with our strategic planning and the legislative session.  Welcome Aaron.

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1/8/13 Start of Legislative Session and Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Lobby Day

Today is the start of the legislative session. If you are interested in hearing from the new legislative leaders, all of the committee hearings and floor sessions are live streamed and captioned on the legislature’s website thanks to funds that MNCDHH lobbied to get.  Minnesota House of Representatives

Save the Date for Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Lobby Day March 6th Commission members will be voting on its legislative agenda January 18th.  There are many issues that it has been considering and will vote upon a week from this Friday. These include issues related to health, education, technology and funds for the commission. As soon at they make their decisions we will let you know.  Please plan on putting the day aside to get training, rally and meet with legislators to get these important initiatives passed.

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1/8/13 Public Member Vacancy on the Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist Advisory Council

Are you interested in how Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists are regulated?  Here’s your chance to influence public policy.  Go to the Office of the Secretary of State’s website Open Appointments section to learn more and to apply

SOS Open Commissions & Appointments

1/8/13 Community-Based Mental Health Support Services Survey

Dr. John Gournaris of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Services Division would like you to take a survey related to mental health services for the community.   A copy of the survey is posted on the MNCDHH website at Community Based Mental Health Services Survey

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